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Department/Division Meetings

Annual department/division meetings are a core component of the SOM RCR Program. The purpose of the Department/Division meeting is to discuss RCR topics specific to fields of practice, and give faculty and trainees an opportunity to address discipline-specific issues and solutions. To meet federal guidelines, sessions must address one of the following RCR topics:

Participants should include a combination of trainees and faculty and there should be opportunity for questions.  Ideally, the format should be one that fosters discussion, active learning, engagement and interaction among participants. The session must be at least one hour, but we find that highly successful sessions are typically 1.5 hours or longer.

Department/Division/Program directors may choose to conduct the session themselves or to select another faculty member to do so.

For materials, please see the resources available throughout our site and at ORI – The Office of Research Integrity ( Because the spirt of these sessions is that trainees and faculty hear from their mentors and peers, respectively, we do not script the sessions for them. Formal presentations are not necessary. Some of the best sessions have included a short background presentation followed by discussions of cases.

Ideally, and when possible, Department/Division meetings are held in person. Attendance must be tracked by a sign-in sheet (including JHEDs). If held remotely, please use a Zoom “webinar” or other format that allows attendance tracking, or assign an administrator to make note of attendance at the session. Although either in-person or remote attendance is permitted, sessions must be live. Credit will not be given for viewing a previously recorded session.

After a session, please send an Excel file that contains the first and last names and JHED IDs of attendees to the Office of Research Integrity at Once received, the Office of Research Integrity will enter attendance in myLearning where attendees will see the credit and a certificate of completion in their history (the course is called “RCR Department/Division/Lab Meetings”).