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Responsible Conduct of Research (“RCR”) Program

The RCR Program takes a multifaceted educational approach, combining online coursework with didactic sessions and panel discussions. This approach ensures that training in the responsible conduct of research is received in various formats and settings from a number of different sources, as required by federal guidelines. All School of Medicine personnel involved in research are required to complete at least 8 hours of RCR training every 4 years, with no more than half of the training comprised of online coursework and at least half of the training in ‘live’ or ‘face-to-face’ sessions (e.g. in person or virtual sessions including colloquia and departmental seminars). Specific RCR requirements are detailed below.

There are three required components of the RCR Program:

The Responsible Conduct of Research (CITI) Online Course

The Responsible Conduct of Research (CITI) Online Course: The CITI online course component must be completed within one year after any research at the JHU SOM begins. Registration is available through the myLearning JHU portal. The online course, developed by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), is comprised of 7 sections. Completion of all sections is required. The course must be taken once every four years.

The Research Integrity Colloquia or its equivalency

The Research Integrity Colloquia or Equivalency: In this series, JHU SOM faculty and guests discuss their perspectives on approaching and conducting research or other topics of interest to the research community. These presentations are interactive and cover a broad spectrum of RCR topics. Attendance at two of these events, or their equivalent, is required every four years. Click here for information regarding equivalencies.

Annual Department/Division Meetings

Annual Department/Division Meetings: Departments or Divisions are expected to hold at least one annual meeting, that complies with appropriate guidelines, at which a discussion of an RCR topic takes place. Attendance at one meeting in a four year period is required. Contact your Department/Division administrator regarding the scheduling of these meetings. Click here for information about Department/Division meetings.

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.